Wintours Leap Highline

New line established in the Wye Valley!

Specs: 150m Long 45m High

Riggers: Sarah Rixham, Tom Parker, Philip Beddow and Angus King.

Access notes: One of the anchor trees is in someones garden. Permission does need to obtained before rigging. All other anchors are trees. There is a forked tree on the south side that was used as an A frame close to the edge.

A video can be seen

It may be possible to rig another 3 lines in this quarry. Bolts have been supplied to rig a 22m line. I will update here when it has been completed.


Bolt Funded Lines!

Here is a list of all lines, and their locations, that have bolts in from the bolt fund.

If you wish to get some bolts for your project please click here.

Serengeti 1 and 4 – Dinorwig, Serengeti

Number one has been fully rebolted with bolt fund bolts. Number 4 had an expansion bolt replaced and might need another one doing soon. The lines are 22 and 24m long respectively. Total 7 bolts used.

Loopy Lewis – Llanberis, Vivian Quarry Level 3

3 bolts on one side 2 on the other. The 2 bolts can also be backed up with trees. 28m L 30 H. Total 5 bolts used.

Mordor project – Dinorwig, Mordor

Currently half bolted on one side with 3 bolts. Comes out of the middle off the wall. It will be around 55m long and 50m high. Open project to anyone who wants to finish it.

The Solstice – Dinorwig, California

3 bolt anchor on either side. One side is raised while the other one is hidden at the back of a boulder. the boulder side also has 2 expansion bolts as a climbing anchor. One of these bolts has rusted through. 135m L 55m H. Total 6 Bolts used.

Under The French Moon and Have You Titaniumed Your Fairy – St Tudno’s, Llandudno

One 3 bolt anchor for each line. opposite sides for Both lines are on big boulders. 95m L, 25m H and 115m L and 90m H respectively. Total 6 Bolts used.