The Bolt Fund

The idea of the UK slackline bolt fund came about when the highlines of serengeti in the Slate quarries had bolts that had long gone past a usable state in 2014. The community came together and donated enough money for the re-equipping of 2 lines plus enough leftover for another 3 lines to be established. All of the lines that any of the bolts have been used on have got a lot of enjoyment by the community at various different sizes of meets over the years.

Unfortunately bolting is not cheap. This is especially true for the type of bolts required for long term use. We buy in titanium U bolts that have a have a yield strength of over 15Kn and breaking strength of over 50kn. Due to the double leg design of the bolt they are also much less prone to the torque forces that effect single leg bolts. They are also massively corrosion resistant and will outlast the glue they are set in even in the most corrosion heavy environments.

Bolting takes up a lot of time and anyone bolting lines is often giving up a day slacking to do so. We ask if you have ever highlined in the UK, or intend to do so, that you place a donation of your own discretion towards the community efforts.

If you wish to donate please donate here.

The idea behind this fund is that if you find a line in the UK that requires the use of bolts, you can apply to fund to get some. Information on what is provided can be found here.

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